Company Accreditation

  • Quality Assured by Global Certification Pty Ltd – Certificate No 276.
  • Queensland Department of Main Roads Prequalification – Levels HE1, TE1, TP2 and HD1.
  • Queensland Government Prequalified Supplier – PQC Registration No 0445A.


The company presently employs an senior civil engineer and an office administrator, and retains on a contract basis experienced engineers, design drafters and construction supervisors, subject to work load.

We have a strong network of capable people and companies that assist us to deliver prompt and appropriate service. Our group possesses a wide range of skills, and has been developed from extensive experience and contacts made within the profession over the past thirty years.

Client Base

TCE’s client base includes major energy companies, departments of the Queensland Government, other consulting firms, primary producers, the insurance industry, the legal profession, private business and individuals.

Fields of Competency

  • Ÿcivil and structural project management, including concept, design and construction aspects;
  • Ÿcontract administration;
  • Ÿroad safety auditing;
  • ŸMUTCD design, auditing & DTMR approved for delivery of Traffic Management Design training;
  • Ÿforensic engineering;
  • Ÿlocal government engineering;
  • practical approach to problem solving.